The Gold Super-Cycle
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Gold SUper Bull Cycles
3 Gold Bulls

The last 3 major gold super bull markets were sparked largely by both Central Bank interventions as well as Fiscal monetary response by United States congress in reaction to either monetary (or in the recent case) exogenous biological global pandemics.  Ultimately, every gold bull peaks…


Sparked by President Nixon taking the United States Dollar off the “Gold Standard”.  Once the dollar was no longer pegged to the $35/oz  hard value Gold was able to appreciate to its “natural” currency base adjusted “real” price.


During the 2008 “Financial Crisis”  Great Recession, Gold appreciated during a time a great financial fear as it acted as a safe haven.  After Congress printed $700B naturally the gold price rocketed higher during this period.


The current Bull Market in Gold was caused by the fiscal response by United States Congress to print nearly $7 Trillion dollars, but unlike last time, instead of giving it to the banks Congress chose to directly stimulate the economy by giving it directly to the citizens.

Historical Price Analysis
Spot Gold Price Performance
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1970s Dollar Peg ($)
All-Time-High ($)
Bull Markets
Bear Markets
Historical Perspective
Gold is one of the most cyclical asset classes.  There is a time to buy, and a time to sell… do NOT get stuck holding the bag at the end of the cycle!   Protect yourself while maximizing profit using the best timing analysis available anywhere!
Worst Bear Market
Decline Since 1971
Historical Price Analysis
50 Year Gold Percentage Gains & Losses
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