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ChartsCoach has proven to become the #1 most accurate Macro analysis platform for financial markets.  Everything from the Global Forex Parity series, to calling the tops in both Gold & Bitcoin, do the Energy Super Bull, Peak of the Dow Jones in 2021 at ~36,661, the bear market of 20202 months if over a year in advance in many cases, ChartsCoach has proven time & time again to be a step ahead of the industry & provide the most accurate predictions of the future on Twitter & beyond.


As a result of the high demand for our research & to maintain its status as one of the most exclusive platforms, memberships are only expanded at a limited number of spots per month for both our premium retail investor/trader portion & also new Institutional section of our platform to ensure the highest level of quality of service.


If you wish to add your name to the waiting list feel free to do so using the methods of contact below:


Quickest Contact: Contact via private/direct message on Twitter @ChartsCoach (Fastest response time)


Slower Contact: via email: info @ ChartsCoach.com (slowest response time)